And Christmas has come and gone again! As I sit here at the airport waiting for my flight to Brazil, I flashback in my head what an incredible year we had in 2022:

Receiving the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award in Outstanding Business Growth.

Traveling to several states sharing my knowledge with peers and colleagues.

Becoming the National president of WCAA (Window Covering Association of America)

Our team growing significantly to support our clients faster and better.

Lots of repeat business.

Most importantly, we are healthy and have lots of dreams for 2023!

Obviously, everything has a price!

We experienced lots of growing pains and let many of you down.

Sometimes, the follow-up was not as fast as it should have been.

We had some bad experiences with some vendors…

HOWEVER, I don’t let negativity run my life.

The horizon in 2023 looks so amazing and prosperous for us at Shades In Place and Trading Up Consulting.

If you are still reading this message, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your business and support.

My biggest goal is to be able to help as many people, colleagues, and clients as possible. For now, I just need to cool off for a few weeks to recharge my batteries (and gain a few pounds..lol) in sunny Brazil.

Thanks again for everything and we will see you in the new year!!

Roger Magalhaes