Do You Have What It Takes? Part 1

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Think out side the box

In order to become a great installer, you will need to check a few boxes. It is a bit more complex than you may think. I see many people calling themselves window treatment installers, but to me, they are far from it. Just because someone can secure a bracket with a couple of screws on the wall doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be granted the window treatment installer title. Below, I list three qualities that are mandatory for someone to become a great installer:


  • Great with math and geometry 

A great installer must have great math skills since we measure windows all day long. Not only that, but he / she needs to add and subtract to accommodate deductions and projections. Also you must have a good understanding of angles and circumferences since a good chunk of our work is custom fit. The tape measure and laser device should be your best friends.


  • Handy with tools 

From chop saw to power drill to small screwdrivers. Every job is installed at the client’s location. Therefore, every installation is different to some degree. Some installs will be straight forward while others will require some alterations done onsite. Having confidence when it comes to a wide array of tools will allow you to succeed when challenges are presented to you. 


  • Improvising mindset

No two windows are the same. One can be square and plumed while the other is slanted and crooked. Perhaps, you receive the goods with a missing bracket or with a wrong one all together. How about installing a product that was not fabricated as specified? This can and will happen. What sets a great installer apart from the rest is the ability and willingness to solve problems. A great attitude combined with extra parts, various materials and an assortment of tools and supplies in your van and you can only head in one direction: success!




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