Brazilian-born, Roger, whose given name is Rogerio, likes to say he approaches his business with a bit of zesty Brazilian sauce. His meticulous attention to detail and work ethic is evident in his 800+ 5-star client reviews. He was named Immigrant Entrepreneur Award 2022 – Outstanding Business Growth by The Immigrant Learning Center.

A True Entrepreneur

Roger is a true entrepreneur in the window treatment installation business. With two successful businesses under his belt, he has become a driving force for professionalism and quality in the industry.

Starting Shades IN Place in 2006, Roger dedicated himself to understanding his clients’ needs beyond just installations. He recognized the importance of a delicate touch, representing oneself well, and going the extra mile to find the right solutions.

These qualities quickly made Roger one of the most sought-after installers. Through years of experience and learning from mistakes, he honed his skills and launched his second venture, Trading Up Consulting.

Roger Magalhaes on ladder
Roger Magalhaes at IWCE tradeshow

Trading Up Consulting is Roger’s way of giving back to the profession that brought him success. He has developed educational resources and standards to help newcomers succeed in the industry.

With his technical expertise and marketing insights, Roger is not only a skilled installer but also a gifted teacher. His podcasts, seminars, articles, and blogs have motivated and inspired peers in the industry.

Recognizing the lack of formal education in window treatment installation, Roger established the Trading Up Academy to provide training modules and materials for aspiring installers.

Through Roger’s guidance and training, both new and experienced window treatment installers can avoid frustrating experiences. Working with him provides the confidence, knowledge, and competitive edge needed to thrive in the industry.

Window Treatment Installer Recognitions

Roger is highly recognized in the industry, holding certifications from leading product lines and expertise in proprietary installation techniques. He contributes as a regular columnist for Window Fashion Vision Magazine and is a sought-after national presenter and speaker. Since 2006, Roger has been an active member of the Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA), and he currently holds the esteemed position of national president.

Treatment Certifications