Do You Have What It Takes? Part 2

Jul 09, 2021
become an awesome installer

Today is Part 2 of our serie Do you have what it takes (to become an awesome installer)? Make sure to check it out Part 1 in case you missed it. We are going to discuss five more qualities that are necessary to become an awesome window treatment installer. In case you are wondering if installing window treatments professionally is for you, the qualities below will give some direction if you fit the profile, or not!


Strong but gentle - The majority of installers are men but the number of female installers is growing quickly. The perfect installer would have combined qualities from both genders. It is necessary to be strong (especially when it comes to carrying boxes, heavy ladders and scaffoldings or using a hammer drill for some concrete ceiling). However, women are well known for paying more attention to detail and being more careful in general. Most of our work is done in finished and occupied residences (sometimes with very expensive furniture). We must carry heavy equipment inside the homes while navigating through valuable items. We must be gentle and delicate with the products we are installing. Our hands must be clean and we must present ourselves in a well dressed fashion. Combine the best of both worlds (genders) to become a well sought out installer.


Not afraid of heights - Skylights, two story high windows, and over staircase installations are just some of the situations that professional window treatment installers encounter. Extension ladders, platforms, hydraulic lifts and scaffolding are some of the tools used to achieve such installs. Obviously, those situations require a premium health condition as you will rely on strong legs and optimum balance. You can exclude yourself from those projects of course. However certain clients won’t call you as frequently as you may wish.



Team player mentality - The installer is always the central piece, the link, the bridge between the seller (dealer, designer, workroom) and the end consumer. Regardless of if you are an employee or an independent installer, you should NEVER throw colleagues under the bus. I have seen this many, many times and nobody wins in those situations. Your job as an installer is to walk a very fine line between the dealer and the client and keep both of them happy. Not many have that quality or finesse but it is a key aspect of creating and maintaining a successful career as an installer.




Be prompt and respectful - I have over 600 5-star reviews and the vast majority of them mention that I respect the client's time (by always arriving on time, getting to work immediately, etc). Another important aspect of this quality is keeping open communication with the client. If you are going to be late, even by 5 minutes, please call the client and inform them of such. Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone and GPS and there is no excuse to avoid communicating clearly.





Personable attitude - This quality ties into being a team player but it also has an extra element. For the most part, the installer is dealing with a client that is spending money on products that they WANT and not necessarily need. One example I like to use is finding yourself in the middle of a desert road with your car broken down. You don’t have a choice but to accept the first mechanic or towing truck available. On the other hand, our clients are in a position to select the professionals that are going to work for them. Your job as an installer is to be friendly, clean, have a smiling face, act professional and nonetheless be polite and respectful with the client and your colleagues. Being cocky and arrogant are the worst attitudes you could have and will be sure to drive your reputation into the ground.


Are you a window treatment installer? If so, do you agree with these? Do you have other suggestions? If you are not an installer, are you considering to become one? Let me know your thoughts here.


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